Emergency Phone#.xls

24 hours a day 
Regional Police 563-5151  
Poison Control 1-800-565-8161  
Gambler Help Line 1-888-347-8888 stay on the line
RCMP Port Hawkesbury 1-902-625-2220 after hours transferred to Truro
RCMP Cheticamp 1-902-224-2050 after hours transferred to Truro
RCMP Inverness 1-902-258-2213 after hours transferred to Truro
RCMP Waycobah 1-902-756-3371 after hours transferred to Truro
RCMP St Peters 1-902-535-2002 after hours transferred to Truro
RCMP Arichat 1-902-226-2533 after hours transferred to Truro
RCMP Chapel Island 1-902-535-2120 after hours transferred to Truro
RCMP Baddeck 1-902-295-2350 after hours transferred to Truro
RCMP Ingonish 1-902-285-2012 after hours transferred to Truro
RCMP Eskasoni 1-902-3792822 after hours transferred to Truro
Leeside Transition House  1-800-565-3390 Port Hawkesbury
First Nation Family Healing Center CB 1-800-565-3440 Waycobah 
First Nation Family Healing Center Mainland 1-800-565-4741 Millbrook
Transition House  1-800-563-2945 Sydney
Sexual Assault/Transition Houses or Avalon 1-902-425-0122 Halifax
Smoker Help Line 1-877-513-5333  
CB Regional Hospital 567-8000 Sydney
Glace Bay Hospital 849-5511 Glace Bay
New Waterford Hospital 862-6411 New Waterford
North Side Hospital 794-8521 North Sydney
Victoria County Memorial 902-295-2112 Baddeck
Inverness Memorial Hospital 258-2100 Inverness
Strait Richmond Hospital 625-3100 Evanston
Public Health Services 902-224-2410 Cheticamp
Alcohol Anonymous AA 1-902-562-8019 Telephone Answering Service
Nurse/Medical Information  811  
8AM to 4PM
Addiction Services 625-2363 Port Hawkesbury
Addiction Services 563-8646 Sydney
Addiction Services 1-877-567-0632 Sydney
Addiction Services 1-888-291-3535 Port Hawkesbury
Addiction Services 295-2112 Baddeck
Addiction Services 224-4042 Cheticamp
Mental Health Adult 567-7730 Sydney
Mental Health Palliative Care 567-7846 Sydney
Mental Health Social Worker 567-7864 Sydney
Senior Abuse Line 1-877-833-3377 Halifax
Daytox 563-2458 Sydney
Canadian Red Cross Health Equipment 564-4114 Sydney
Cancer Information Service 1-888-939-3333  
Canadian Diabetes Association 1-800-326-7712  
Canadian Liver Foundation 1-866-423-8538  
Canadian Mental Health Association 1-877-466-6606  
Heart and Stoke Foundation 1-800-423-4432  
Kidney Foundation 1-800-889-5557  
Lung Association of NS 1-888-566-5864  
March of Dimes (brain injuries) 1-902-444-1090  
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society 1-800-268-7582  
Muscular Dystrophy Canada 1-800-884-6322  
Osteoporosis Canada 1-800-463-6842 Ext. 405
Parkinson Society Maritimes Region 1-800-663-2468  
VON  Cape Breton Metro 564-6479 Sydney
Cape Breton Sexual Health 539-5158 Sydney
ALS Society NS 1-866-625-7257  
Alzheimer Society of NS 1-800-611-6345  
Bereavement Group 564-6795 Sydney
Last Post Fund Veterans 1-800-565-4777  
Caregivers Nova Scotia 1-877-488-7390  
Meals on Wheels 562-1245 Sydney
Canadian Passports 1-800-567-6868 Halifax
Eastern Regional Help Line 1-800-957-9995 Sydney
Kids help Line        6PM -12PM  1-800-957-9995  Sydney
If you feel a number is missing email it to: sydney@capebretoncrimestoppers.ca