Missing Vehicle Pitt St Sydney File #2018-058586
November 20, 2018

2011 black Dodge Ram Sport , NS plate # GEN358, missing from the back parking lot at Dooley's, Pitt St, Sydney. The owner parked it at 10 pm on Nov 17, left the pub at approx. 2 am Nov 18, without checking on the truck. When he returned for the truck on Nov 18, it was missing.

Prop Damage 71 Spruce Haven Dr Sydney File #2018-058254
November 19, 2018

Overnight  of Nov 15/18, a bedroom window was struck by an object causing damage to the property.

Prop Damage 52 king St North Sydney File #2018-058102
November 19, 2018

On the evening of Nov 14/18, suspect(s) forced entry via the rear of the house. Once inside, they caused damage to the interior.

Auto Theft Tobin Rd area North Syd File #2018-040004
November 14, 2018

2005 Chev Avalanche, NS Plate #GGC 299 was stolen from Tobin Rd area, North Syd on Thursday, Sep 27/18, It was later found, badly burned, in a wooded area just past the Pt Aconi power plant. The plate was missing and has been listed as stolen.

Prop Damage Upper Tobin Ave North Syd File #2018-048982
November 14, 2018

Sept 27/18 person or persons unknown smashed windshields in several cars except 1 that was parked in a yard. Canvass od neighborhood did not turn up any witnesses.

Arson 5 James Street Glace Bay File #2018-017105
November 13, 2018

A structure fire at 5 James St, Glace on Tuesday, April 10/18 at approx. 11:30pm was discovered by CB Regional Police K9 unit while conducting routine patrols. Investigation determined the fire to be an act of arson.

Arson 303 Legatto St Syd Mines File #2018-052182
November 13, 2018

A structure fire on Sunday, Oct 14/18 at approx. 8:40 pm at 303 Legatto St, Syd Mines was determined to be arson.

BE&T Iona Bridge File #2018-052316
November 09, 2018

A trailer on the property had been broken into and the following items were stolen: Champion 6500watt generator (yellow/black in color), 2 pair of binoculars (1 Cannon, 1 Bushel) and a 75 pc socket set in a grey case. The incident occurred in early October, 2018.

Mis/Prop Damage 1707 Victoria Rd, Syd. File #2018-047045
November 06, 2018

Sometime overnight on Sept 16, 2018 somebody disconnected an oil line from an oil tank causing thousands of dollars in damage to the property.

Auto Theft 201 Crescent St Syd Mines File #2018-055472
November 05, 2018

2009 Pontiac Montana (red in color) with NS Plate # FYJ 002, stolen from parking lot. Last seen on Oct 31 at 8:30pm, noticed missing at 11:00am on Nov 1.

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